Tips for Fifth Year Medical Students

Fifth year, the second to last step in your medical school journey, the blossomy yet sometimes putrid march.

If I had a time machine and went back to my first day in fifth year, the one thing I would tell my ‘past self’ is this:
“Don’t stress. Never lose your confidence and stability at any point.”
I’m not going to tell you that this will be the best or easiest or happiest college year you’re going to experience, because that’s what you decide for yourself. You’ll come to know that the huge and spooky black beast’s (OBGYN) shadow around the corner is just a little wild ogre that needs taming, achieved by simply studying and solving as much cases as you can. The sooner you come to this realization, the less you’ll suffer, but suffer you must, of course. Ha! Don’t be surprised, no butterflies here! Just roses with spikes.
If you’re a child-lover and you have a phenomenal sense in dealing with tiny humans and embracing their not-yet-developed personalities, Pediatrics should be a fun ride for you!
However, if you don’t posses these magical charming skills or you’re one of those who prefer to avoid child interaction or get irritated easily, you may need ear plugs for this rotation!
But the good news is that pediatrics study doesn’t require special skills. Use the usual tricks and study aids, give this branch of medicine enough time and care, and you shall ace your exam. After all, let’s agree that a minimum of 3 hours’ worth of continuous study, be it with or without short breaks in between, on a daily basis is a necessity for achieving good scores.
But beware! The amount of clinical examinations for Pediatrics is not at all insignificant, make sure you acquire some hands-on skills during your rotation; you’re gonna need it!

Author: Ola Howeidy

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