Tips for Sixth Year Medical Students

While driving or riding a car on the ring road at night, you will notice the buildings on both sides as big terrifying mountains, and as you drive forwards, you will discover how familiar these buildings actually are.

This is exactly how the sixth year goes: We have all heard about how hard, extremely long, exhausting and condensed this year is. But as we move forward, we find out it is as long and as condensed as any other year. So here are a few tips to quickly get you right on track!

First of all: Make memories, people! I know the way has been long enough, but trust me, you are going to miss this.

Second: The most important academic tip is study for your end specials. Study as hard as you can.  I know 5 marks seem very insignificant compared to the end rounds or end years, but 5 multiplying 41 is a big number.

Third: Take baby steps towards studying if you are listening to records, attending courses or even reading from textbooks. Study a moderate amount daily and take a day or two off weekly; this is an extremely long year, you are going to need your strength.

Fourth: Eat as healthy as you possibly can: The commonest thing among sixth year students is putting on so much weight. Not only is this harmful physically, but it also depresses you badly and that hinders your progress.

Fifth: Study from the source that is easy and understandable to you. This is a totally individual thing, you shouldn’t follow any one: whatever is easy and complete.

Sixth: The Internal Medicine cases book is your very best friend from now on.

Seventh: The hospital is there for every one. You don’t need to pay loads of money to take external courses. Attend the classes and lose your self in the hospital corridors, you will be amazed!

Eighth: Don’t panic and don’t listen to anyone who is not in your situation.

Ninth: Dr. Hussien Khairy’s classes are mandatory. It is not just about knowledge,they’re also really fun.

Tenth: Manage your time. And have fun. It is the longest year. Make the best out of it!

P.S. Pray for your elders, the “ancestors sixth years” or “satta adeem;” we need it!


Author: Nouran Newiser

Med student, amateur writer, amateur singer, BOHO

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