Diary of a Wimpy Med

It doesn’t matter if you need tips, advice, stories, or simply something fun. In this section, you’ll find relatable material from people who know the daily routine of an average medical student.

Tips for Sixth Year Medical Students

While driving or riding a car on the ring road at night, you will notice the buildings on both sides as big terrifying mountains, and…

Tips for Fifth Year Medical Students

Fifth year, the second to last step in your medical school journey, the blossomy yet sometimes putrid march. If I had a time machine and…

Tips for Fourth Year Medical Students

Hello and welcome to the honeymoon year of your medical career. Well, to be honest, there is no such thing. But come on, you already…

Tips for Third Year Medical Students

Third year of Medical School, what a perplexing year! It is the end of your academic years and your free time as well. They have…
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