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NOSA: A “Hope-Making” Story

Acting their motto “NO to Slum Areas” out into tangible reality, our SCOPH heroes donned their armours, raised their shields and drew their swords to fight for health in Ezbet Khayr Allah. A group of 15 medical students decided to stir their dormant knowledge and skills on a medical convoy that took place on February the 24th under the supervision of NOSA’s cofounders and the SSS’ very own Ms. Nancy ElGuizy, Mr. Mahmoud Samaha and Ms. Ayah Nada. This year’s NOSA project comprised three interrelated phases, carried out on three separate days; The medical convoy was preceded by two awareness…


"Nosa? Nosa! Where are you? Nosa! Answer me, Nosa!" Nosa won't answer her father again because Nosa is drastically ill, suffering from a multitude of diseases including, but not limited to, dysentery, a chronic chest infection, an untreated parasitic infection, a neglected congenital heart disease, and massive psychological oppression. If you were in Nosa's shoes, you probably wouldn't want to answer either. Not only because right when you'd win a fight with one disease, you'd only find yourself crashing into another fight with the next one, but also because you'd be facing harsh negligence from those nearest to you. Like…


 “No Slum Areas” NOSA لا للمناطق العشوائية،  فكرة أطلقها طلبة طب قصر العينى من أجل التغيير، فبذلوا قصارى جهدهم مراعاه  للمحتاجين و مساعدة للمرضي من الفقراء لتخفيف ما يقاسوه من مصاعب حياتهم اليوميه من خلال تقديم الدعم الطبي و النفسي، فعملوا عليها لضمان حياة أفضل وتلبية لنداء الإنسانية.  وفي اثناء تلبيه نداء الواجب ، يصادفون من غرائب القصص و الحكايات ما يشعل الراس شيبا ، ليكن المجذوب أحد هذه المصادفات الغير متوقعه!! "المجذوب" فالمجذوب كلمة اعتادنا سماعها باللغة العربية الفصحى لتصف من فقد عقله وأصابه الجنون، لكن على غير العادة أن تجد مجذوبا يعرف حالته. يعرف أنه مريض نفسي... أصيب…

10 Tips to Make the Best Out of Your SSS Experience

Some of us joined the SSS because we were genuinely keen on the work, some joined to make friends, some joined just to see what the fuss was about. What many don't realize even after joining is how much the SSS has to offer. So here are a few tips how you can make the best out of your SSS experience. *Notice that these tips are based on personal experience and observation. You may choose to add or ignore them as you like. 1. Try out different committees The smart way to start as a new member is by taking…
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